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What makes our chocolates special

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We launched a Chocolate Revolution in India on 07.07.2020

The World Chocolate Day happened to be the perfect day for us to start this revolution to deliver exquisite chocolate experiences to everyone in India! Our vision is to bring gourmet to every Indian and not just a select few connoisseurs. So, we have carefully picked the darkness levels and the flavors for our handcrafted gourmet chocolates to suit a pluralistic Indian palate. You will find a little bit of sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and crunchy in the soft, creamy centers of our dark chocolate truffles. No single flavor or taste will be overwhelming your tongue and the senses. It is like a burst of flavors that flow well with each other in your mouth and you will only feel a slight after taste of bitterness after you have completely enjoyed the chocolates.

Our dark chocolate truffles do not overwhelm your palate with an overload of bitterness upfront - it is only a slight enjoyable after-taste. We are constantly innovating and curating flavors from across the country, selecting ingredients from some of the most beautiful parts of India and the world and crafting chocolates that help you taste those flavors by themselves. We do this by not adding any extra sugars or preservatives that may mask the true flavors of the ingredients.

Most importantly, we love to be friendly with our environment and hence avoid waste across all processes in our chocolate making. We know most packaging material gets thrown away once the chocolates are consumed. That is why we have chosen tin boxes to store our chocolates - and later on, your stuff like pencils, greeting cards, visiting cards or your daily dose of healthy nuts. This is what makes our gourmet chocolate boxes the best gift for your loved ones. Your gift will remain with them for many years and always reminding them that you love them!

Watch this video to know us better!

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