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The Story of Surpriz!

Surpriz! - creating a Chocolate Revolution in India

At Surpriz! We are committed to creating gourmet chocolates with the exquisite flavors of India crafted with care to appeal to the pluralistic Indian palate. We imbibe our chocolates with the flavors of fruits from various corners of India, berries found deep in the wild, spices from the Western Ghats, honey from the lush forests, and many more flavors unique to the country to truly create an authentic chocolate experience.

Our vision is to build a world-class chocolate brand right at home, in India

Now, India can aspire for Namma Bengaluru truffles  - not just the Belgian ones.

Our Story: About Us

Meet the Creators



Co-founder & COO

Kshama grew up in the Western Ghats enjoying nature's bounty and learning to appreciate the flavours of natural foods. Her childhood experiences with the unique fruits, flowers, berries and flavours indigenous to the Western Ghats inspired her to create the unique flavours of Surpriz!

Kshama trained at a popular gourmet chocolate brand to understand the nuances of creating the perfect chocolate experience to bring life to Surpriz!. 

Kshama also has 8 years of experience in visual media as an anchor, journalist, program producer and scriptwriter. Experience which she uses to enrich her role here at Surpriz!



Co-founder & CEO

An adventurer and foodie at heart, Madhu has traveled across the world and driven across India to experience various cultures and ways of living . 

Curious and enthusiastic, Madhu is the friend you ask for recommendations to restaurants and new foods to try.  

With 15+ years experience in sales, marketing, strategy and technology he thrives on building new brands from scratch and scaling them. Surpriz! is an experiment for Madhu in building a brand that is loved for its premium quality experiences and respected by all for its strong values.

Our Story: Meet The Team
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