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Shipping Policy

Shipping Partner

Currently, we have partnered with India Post Services to deliver our products across India. Whenever the situation demands, we use other services and partners for shipping our products to the customers.

Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping charges are applicable as per the rate card published by India Post Services from time to time. Apart from the charges by the India Post Services, we also add certain handling charges for covering the cost of packaging material, collection of packages for shipping and any additional expenses incurred for ensuring the product reaches customers in good condition.

Expedited Shipping

Typically, these services are provided by various partners locally in each city and it may require individuals transporting the packages from our premises or our local partner premises to the customer's address or nearby pickup/collection location. The charges for Expedited Shipping will include these additional costs incurred in ensuring a faster delivery of packages as demanded by customers by choosing this option for their order placed on the website while booking an order.


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges will vary based on the location of the delivery address and is dependent primarily on the rate card of our shipping partners and the type of shipping method chosen by the customer.


Shipping Times & Delivery Delays

We will ship most of our orders within 1 working day after receiving the order and payment completion confirmation. We do not ship any orders without the payment confirmation being received from our banking partners and payment services providers. After shipping the products, typically the delivery time will depend on the method of shipping chosen such as Standard / Expedited. In Standard Shipping, the time for delivery is dependent on factors external to our business such as: 

  • Shipping Routes taken by the Shipping Partner

  • Shipping Methods chosen by the Shipping Partner

  • Shipping Processing at the Shipping Partner locations such as collection centers, processing centers and distribution centers

  • Weather conditions in the shipping routes and at the destination

  • Accuracy of the delivery address provided while placing the order on website

  • Availability of the customer in their location of the delivery address

  • Government, Regional and Unplanned Holidays

  • Mob Attacks, Terrorist Attacks, Personnel Strikes, Bandhs and other acts not in the control of our business


Damages To Product In Shipping

We take utmost care to ensure that our products are shipped with adequate protection in packaging and labeling. However, there maybe chances of the product getting damaged or spoilt in transportation due to rough handling, accidents, weight of other packages on our package during transportation and storage, extreme weather conditions and any reason not just limited to these. In such conditions, the responsibility of safe delivery of packages lies with our shipping partners and any damage to the same will require a case-to-case redressal of concerns from the customers.

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