Chocolate Truffles


A Chocolate Revolution


Made for India!


The Chocolate Revolution!

World-class Chocolates - Made for India!

We want India to aspire for Bengaluru Truffles - not Belgian truffles! This is a revolution to deliver world-class chocolate experiences to Indians right at home!

Make every celebration unique!

Buy original and unique art for gifting!


Gifting experience has never been so easy or unique. Make every celebration unique with a combination of handcrafted chocolates and unique gifts of art!

Surpriz! Gourmet Chocolates for Gifting

Gourmet for everyone!

Handcrafted flavours for the Indian palate!


We have curated an exquisite range of fruits, berries, spices, and nuts for our dark chocolates such that no single taste overwhelms the other flavours with it.

Gift a memory - forever!

Make a lasting connection with every box!

We pack our chocolates in premium metal boxes - so, one can reuse them later to put their random "stuff" and relive the memory of your gifts for a long time.


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Bangalore  : 86 6005 3005

Hyderabad : 8309 5181 56

Kochi          :  7676 744 555

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