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The Art of Gifting!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Gifting experiences are always nerve wracking for most of us. Simply because we are always trying to find something that is novel and unique for our loved ones. Some of us are also not very sure if what we are giving is something that they already have or not. The art of gifting is about giving something that is hard to find but love to get. Problem solved.

Surpriz! - The App Store of Art!

We have just launched a platform to celebrate the amateur and hobby artists who are very talented but do not really have a stage to showcase their art. So, our platform provides a gallery-cum-store for every artist to put up their own show - and even make money from their art!

How does it work?

Artists who are interested in having their own free art store and gallery on Surpriz! platform need to provide us with the following things :

  1. Digital copies of their art taken in good lighting and without extra objects in the frame

  2. A short write up about themselves that they want art enthusiasts and potential customers to see on their page

  3. A good photo of themselves for their profile page

  4. Any website /whatsapp / Facebook link that customers can use to contact them directly or know more about their art and their inspirations

  5. Price that they want to charge for each art piece that they share with us

All this content can be shared with us on whatsapp 86 6005 3005.

What happens next?

We upload their content and send the link to preview their web page. Once they approve, we will publish it on our site for everyone. Some of their art work will also be found in the Gifting gallery on our website where art pieces from various artists on our platform will be showcased. When a customer clicks on the art photo in the gallery they will be shown the product details page for that art which is in the Art Store for that artist. Customers pay for the art online and Surpriz! team will print the art on a post card with the details of the message given by the customer. Whatever the cost of buying the card and printing on it is incurred will be deducted from the payment made by the customer. Remaining amount will be transferred to the artist.

What does the artist get?

  1. One place online where all their art can be showcased aesthetically - and for free

  2. Monetize their art work by charging nominal amounts for same art piece from many people (like the mobile apps in App Store or Play Store)

  3. Exposure to people's tastes in art

What does Surpriz! get?

Surpriz! is not doing this for any profits. Our goal is to provide a platform for budding and hidden talents in art. This will hopefully trigger a change in the way art is approached by many people in India!

What does the customer get?

  1. Access to hundreds of unique and original art work for gifting - which is not available in any other platform

  2. One place to shop for amazing chocolates and bundle it with awesome art for their loved ones

  3. No hassle or tension about finding something that their loved ones will like - there are enough options on just a click away!

Where will you find this on our site?

To explore a variety of art from many artists check out our one point gifting gallery at

To explore individual artist's art works look for their individual art stores under GIFTING menu on our website.


You can visit this store under

GIFTING -> Art by Priya

So, are you an artist who wants to monetize and showcase their art? Or do you know someone like that?

Refer them to us. Let's spread art!

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